Who are we..

The FM Library is the brain child of a foresome of bloggers – FM Newby, Lutterworth Fox and Stratman Gaming The FM Novice, unfortunately three of the “originals” have now retired and left the running of this to Mr Lutterworth Fox himself

The FM Library’s aim is to promote content. Very simple really. We have all lived through the frustration of putting in hours of work into a blog post and then review the amount of reads it’s got – 5,10,15, sometimes even 20 (that was a great day..).  We don’t feel that there is one collective place that will bang the drum of the architects of the written Football Management simulation world, we aim to be that group – a one stop shop of where to find the stuff we all love. We don’t claim to be writing or FM gods – we just enjoy writing, enjoy FM and want to be THAT group of guys doing the selfless thing of promoting others.

The blog will be the landing page – a page that will link to every blog we can find, and the future plan is to have interviews with the bloggers so they can use us to raise their profile. The twitter page will tweet the living heck out of everything – spreading the word, and the discord page will be a collective place for likeminded individuals to discuss.

I know what your thinking – what’s in this for us? Well, we enjoy reading content so having all of the details in one place makes sense and rather than sitting round waiting for someone else to put this all together, we realised that we have the skillset and enthusiasm required to put this together. There is certainly no financial angle to any of this – How could we charge for anything anyway??? Slip us a fiver and we will tweet you x amount of times? Firstly nobody SHOULD pay for that sort of service and secondly.. NOBODY WOULD PAY FOR THAT SORT OF SERVICE… If you publish a blog and we know about it – we will share it within the community. It really is that simple.

If you write, read, or plan to do either about ANY Football Management game – be it an in-depth tactical analysis on how the various positions perform on the latest Football Manager or if your just loading up the original Championship Manager and want to give a season by season review – then give us a follow on twitter, join our discord, follow this blog. Tell us about you and we will promote you to the very ends of our influence reach.

Behind every great collective is a group of bloggers.. This is us.

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Lutterworth Fox

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